Do’s and Don’ts

Because of small differences in each culture, people sometimes feel uncomfortable when traveling to foreign countries. We are confident with some insight and respect you will have a wonderful trip in Laos.

When you visit temples (call "Wat") avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and short skirts/pants.

When you enter a Wat or a private home please remove your shoes. In traditional homes, people sit on low seats or cushions on the floor. Men usually sit with their legs crossed or folded to one side, women prefer solely the latter. Upon entering, guests may be served fruit or tea. These gestures of hospitality should not be refused.

Since the head is considered the most sacred part of the body and the soles of feet the least, please don’t touch a person’s head nor use one’s foot to point at a person or any object.

Men and women rarely show affection in public. It is also forbidden for a woman to touch a Buddhist monk.

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